Would you also like to have the full benefit of the company's knowledge and the employees' time?

Activate your biggest investment - the company's knowledge

Simply and securely with software solutions that ensure an optimal information structure in your company.

Many companies are experiencing increasing pressure to streamline operations and optimise the use of employees' time, and nothing means more to a business' competitiveness than flexible processes. 

Efficient processes come about when everyone knows what they need to do and where they can find the relevant knowledge and documentation. With the increased volume of documents and e-mails we produce every day, this is often a major challenge.

We have many years' experience in helping companies to streamline and make work processes more flexible, to automate procedures and optimise the sharing of knowledge. 

Our solutions are standardised and easily integrable with your existing systems. Therefore, you will also get a scalable solution that is quickly implemented and which meets your needs.

With IntraNote as your supplier, you get:

A flexible standard solution

Relevant exchange of experience

Future-proofed technology

Professional project management

Easy upgrading to new versions

High level of service

International companies choose the reliable solution: