IntraNote Knowledge Suite
- For an effective organisation

With a solution from IntraNote, you will activate your biggest investment - the company's knowledge.

We develop and implement solutions within Enterprise Content Management. Our solutions are flexible standard solutions that are tailored to your needs so you gain a fast and effective implementation. 

We have provided solutions to public and private organisations since 2001 with focus on the optimisation of procedures, the organisation's knowledge-sharing and electronic document and e-mail management. 

Contract management

Full overview of contracts and flexible option for meta 
data, integrations and task management.

Global intranet

Fast reaction time and corporate identity across 
locations are ensured with effective information.

Quality assurance

Effective management system with automatic, updated
visual overview of processes and procedures.


Secure web-based platform for communication and
exchange of information with external partners.

Management web

Simple and secure access to the relevant information
for your management - on the mobile platform too. 

Document Management

Increased quality and fewer manual tasks achieved in a 
simple and intuitive way.

Case and agenda management

Control of the agenda, documents and option to limit access to confidential cases. 


Joint overview of customer cases including documents
and e-mails as well as management of tasks.

Social intranet

Information about the company's strategy combined with
the employees' participation gives a productive organisation.

Mobile knowledgesharing

Fast and secure access to your own and others' documents 
and e-mails via mobile phone and tablet. 

Project management

Total overview of the project's documents and e-mails as
well as joint task management with personal dashboard. 


Correlation and automatic data exchange between systems.